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About Us  

Smart Solar Energy, which has been conducting R&D studies since 2013  and set out with the principle of providing world-class Smart City Units solutions to all its customers by using the developing technology, Smart Solar Energy has become a leader in Turkey and the World in the last 6 years. has also become the largest smart city furniture manufacturer.

​In 2019, Smart Solar Energy, which bought the Solar Valley brand, one of the leading brands in the renewable energy sector, and added it to its company, continues its project-oriented works, especially in the Gulf countries.


our vision

Smart Solar Energy, its new brand Solar Valley, has a vision to become an organization that has adopted the principle of customer satisfaction, continuous improvement, quality, teamwork, compliance with technological development and sharing in its sector.


Our Mission

As a well-known name in the sector and a reliable company, our first priority is to meet the needs of our customers on time by preparing quality projects. Our company has adopted the principle of growing with the projects it has developed and completed by using modern technology in an environmentally friendly manner.

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