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How to use

When the hands enter the hand compartment on the hand disinfectant vending machine, the sensors detect the hands and start spraying the anti-bacteria disinfectant liquid. With this process, 99% of bacteria, viruses and germs on the hand are destroyed.

Thanks to the software circuit added to the hand disinfectant vending machine, the amount and time of antibacterial disinfectant spraying can be adjusted. While hand hygiene is being done, the light system in the hand compartment activates and works, and the light turns off, indicating that the hand hygiene is over.

With the ultraviolet system, we can disinfect the materials we use daily such as phones, wallets and keys.

When the disinfectant liquid is finished, we can see the disinfectant liquid amount on the liquid indicator.

Thanks to the counter, we can control how many people use the disinfectant vending machine daily.

In addition, it is possible to broadcast audio and video by using multimedia supported by the screen and sound system in the system.

Promotion and announcement can be made by using banner and poster applications in the advertising area.

Where to use

Official institutions

public transport areas


disaster recovery center


parks and gardens

Mass housing areas

mall areas


city squares

sports facilities

Touristic places

Technicial Specifications

1.2 mm dkp sheet galvanized coating

Sound and speakers system

Foil advertising space

Connection Hoses

19 inch multiplayer digital display

motion detection sensor

Hand sanitizer container

Electro static powder paint

Disinfectant fogging nozzle

4mm screen protector plexi

disinfectant motor pump

Connection records

hand sanitizer float

hand sanitizer counter

electronic time circuit

Ultraviolet disinfectant section

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